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About Us

We are one of the oldest Kurlon Dealer in Western region of Mumbai where you can buy any Kurlon product without any confusion in terms of warranty or replacement as the company has policy that warranty of product is valid if it's purchase from Authorized Store.

About Us
Pillow or BedSheet Free

Get Kurlon Pillow or BedSheet or Comforter Free on every Mattress you purchase.

  • Coir

    Rubberised Coir mattresses are a combination of coconut fiber and natural rubber. It creates a sheet that provides natural comfort, firm support.

    Advantages :-

    It has natural springy quality coir which makes it very supportive.
    It is naturally anti-dust mite which means it is perfect for all allergy sufferers
    Coir being a natural product is Flame Retardant

    Mattress List

    • Klassic
    • Klassic Plus
    • Super Deluxe
    • Khadi
    • Kurlobond
    • Grandeur
    • Embellish
    • Champion

  • Foam

    PU Foam is made from petroleum products, and due to its lower pricing is widely used in the furniture industry.

    Advantages :-

    PU foam mattresses offer good value for money, considering its durability vs. price.
    In comparison to the other mattress options, PU Foam mattress' are lighter in weight and easier to handle.

    Mattress List

    • Convenio
    • Imagine
    • Resta
    • Mermaid
    • DreamStar
    • Top Sleep
    • Bounty

  • Spring

    World over, spring mattresses are in vogue. People prefer spring mattresses at home for many reasons including its therapeutic properties.


    Advantages :-

    It create the least amount of low back muscle strain while lying in the supine and side position.

    Mattress List

    • Valentino
    • Panacea
    • New Luxurino
    • Fantasy
    • Angelica
    • Marvel
    • Desire Top
    • Dream Sleep
    • Unique

  • Best Seller

    These are some of the mattress which are our Best Seller (Most Selling Mattress).

    Mattress List

    • Mermaid
    • Spinecare
    • Luxurino
    • Angelica
    • Ortho
    • Bliss

  • Therapeutic

    With increasing stress levels, your body is in need of good, comfortable sleep. Therapeutic Mattresses do just that. Made of memory foam (which take the shape of your body), therapeutic mattresses provide excellent support to the back and spine.


    Advantages :-

    Provide excellent support to the back and spine

    Mattress List

    • SpineKare
    • New Ortho

Why From Us

Authorize Dealership :- We highly recommend you to purchase the mattress from Authorize dealer to avoid further inconvenience in terms of Guarantee as the company has policy that guarantee of mattress is valid if it purchase from the Authorize Dealer.

Proper Advice :- We advice you the best product as per your requirement as we are Kurlon Dealer from more than 5 year.



Address :

Kurlon Mattress, Bonanza Arcade, Next to Snehanjali Showroom, opp to Amboli Phatak, SV Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Cont No : 98706 88130
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